Sunday, April 19, 2015

a chewy a day

Yesterday, Ruby had a play date with my friend Carolyn's cat Chewbacca, because Carolyn may keep Ruby when I'm out of town in a few weeks and we wanted to see how Ruby and Chewy got along.

Step 1: adorable tentative touching of noses. 

Step 2: retreating into separate corners of the apartment. 

Step 3: Ruby going on the greeting offense. Hissing, noise-making, etc. from both cats. 

Step 4: Ruby, secure in her dominance, lies on the bed in a position of repose, while Chewy hides under it. Carolyn and I leave to go to the Astros game. 

Oh, that's right. We had seats right behind the dugout. Astros win yayyyyy. 

Step 5 (discovered when we get home): there is a mutual agreement that Ruby can have all high surfaces and Chewy will have all low ones. Ruby is on the kitchen counter, later the bookshelf, and finally he bathroom counter. Chewy tracks her movements from the floor. 

Step 6: in an act of passive aggressive dominance (or something? who knows what cats are thinking) like I have never seen before, Chewy casually goes in Ruby's carrier and refuses to get out, making eye contact with bathroom counter lounging Ruby the whole time. 

Step 7: Chewy is extracted from carrier, Ruby is shoved in it, and night is called a success. 

Step 8: Upon getting home, Ruby pretends like she didn't have a cat food buffet while at Chewy's house. I do not believe her. 

Cat play date: success!

Saturday, April 18, 2015


my apartment tends to go through phases…i spend time getting it super clean one weekend, then three weeks later i look around and it's a WRECK.  this morning we were in wreck territory.  today i did two loads of laundry, vacuumed, did the dishes, took out the trash, got clothes ready to give to goodwill, balanced my (electronic) checkbook, boxed up a baby gift to be mailed, started a new knitting project, and cleaned my closet.  it feels GOOD…is this a sign that i am old?!

ruby does not quite know what to do with all the floor space that has been freed up.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

this is a belated post, because hazel was born in february, but look!  smushy new baby hazel wore the hat i made her!

clearly i was/am over the moon about this.  (and i get to meet baby hazel in 3 weeks - yay!)  i still have some of this yarn, and i think another baby hat for some other baby out there is for sure in the works because the yarn knitted up so nicely.  woo hoo!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

what i'm listening to right now

so, like the rest of the world (this video has 218 million views so far), i enjoy this song.  "love me like you do," by ellie goulding:

no, i did not see the movie.  yes, i did read the book and, yes, that did help me get a question right at trivia night a few weeks ago.  so clearly reading the book was time well spent.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

HILARIOUS - i was laughing out loud, which either means it is truly funny or i am truly weird.  two medieval monks invent dinner parties

(one instance of bad language, so be slightly warned.)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

what i'm pondering right now

on I-45 southbound, driving back from an amazing weekend celebrating becky and brandon's wedding, i listened to some sara bareilles, and a line from "chasing the sun" resonated with me:

so how do you do it,
with just words and just music, capture the feeling
that my earth is somebody's ceiling

this song is literally about walking around a graveyard, where your earth is the ceiling of the dead.  but i heard it figuratively.  my reality, my day-to-day, is someone else's best moments.  that i live daily a life full of moments that are pretty incredible.  and this weekend was full of them - surrounded by family, taking care of my sister, being taken care of by the best wedding date ever, laughing with the other bridesmaids, grinning my face off during the ceremony, feeling valued, feeling loved, feeling the community the bride and groom brought together.  it wasn't an average weekend, but all of these elements are in my life all the time…this wedding just packed them tightly together.  i paused to be reminded that my earth is pretty incredible.  my earth is somebody's ceiling.

Monday, April 13, 2015


i had a parent meeting today, and we were chit-chatting about the weather as the meeting started, and i said how much i was enjoying spring…and the dad corrected me.  "it's pre-summer," he said.  which, at 86 degrees today, is pretty accurate.  which got me thinking…what really ARE the seasons in texas?

june-september = summer
october-december = fall
january-february = fall+ (when some of the leaves turn fall colors in january, you can't call this season winter)
march = spring
april-may = pre-summer

i'm remaining optimistic that we'll have another cooler spring day before pre-summer turns into real summer…but i'm not holding my breath.