Tuesday, March 3, 2015

february: 3 & 4

in february i read:

into thin air, by jon krakauer (this was a re-read…or rather, a re-listen, since this time around i listened to the audiobook version in the car.  this book is the frontrunner for my school's all-upper school summer read.  i hadn't read it in 10 years, so i wanted to make sure it was as good as i remembered.  IT WAS.  omg the suspense!  and there are a lot of great things we could talk about with the kids: sherpa culture, the ethical obligations you have to others in a crisis, the role of journalism, the science of what happens to our bodies at high altitudes.  i think we have a winner!  if you haven't read this book, you must!)

dragonfly in amber, by diana gabaldon (oh yeah, that's right: i read the second book in this historical fiction-romance-time-travel adventure.  you read that genre right.  at 700 pages, this book took me a while to read, but i really enjoyed it.  i will certainly be reading book number three in this series…after a break to read some other things on my list!  and at $4.99 for the kindle version, this is basically the cheapest entertainment money can buy.)

Monday, March 2, 2015

what i'm listening to right now

a few weeks ago i saw the movie still alice, which is a fictional story of a 50-ish year old woman who finds out she has early-onset alzheimer's disease.

based on that description, you would never see that movie.

but my friend kate had read the book and wanted to see it, so i went with her.  and when we walked out, i said that it wasn't nearly as depressing as i thought it would be.  it is SO. SAD.  but it is about more than just the sadness.  and julianne moore does an incredible job as the main character.  i saw her interviewed on the daily show with jon stewart, and she said she didn't want to do anything in the movie that she hadn't witnessed an alzheimer's patient do in real life.  she did her research, and the part is beautifully acted.  so i would really recommend this movie!

the film ends with the credits rolling over this song, which i loved:

"if i had a boat," written by lyle lovett, covered by karen elson:

Sunday, March 1, 2015

a Ruby a day

Ruby loooooooves to sleep on my lap while I knit, and she is enough of a grown up kitty now that she usually doesn't attack the yarn. I just knit over her sleeping body and everyone is happy!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

a ruby a day

If there was a competition for best weekend ever, Ruby's weekend would be in the running. There was a LOT of this.

Doesn't she look so at peace? I'm totally in love with this little fur ball. People, adopt yourself a cat. Every kitty deserves a safe little home with a sunny patch for spending time on Sunday afternoons. And you deserve the happiness that little cat will bring.

what i'm listening to right now

for black history month, our school organized a movie night and screened four little girls, the spike lee documentary about the 16th street church bombing in birmingham, alabama in 1963 that killed four girls.  i'm a little torn about black history month activities in schools.  ideally, we would cover black history throughout the year and there would be no need to celebrate it heavily during one month of the year.  but you know what?  we aren't there yet.  so in february we had a night of black music/culture/art, we had an assembly where three religious leaders spoke about their work for civil rights, and we had almost 100 kids come to this movie night.  the movie begins with this song, which i had never heard before (how is that possible?!) and found beautiful and quite moving.

"birmingham sunday," by joan baez:

Saturday, February 21, 2015

january: 1 & 2

uh, yep.  i'm just now posting this.  sorry, friends!  in january i read two books:

these is my words, by nancy e. turner (my aunt monica recommended this to becky, who bought it for mom last year, and i borrowed it this fall…it's a fictional diary of a woman on the arizona frontier in the 1800s.  some of it seemed just TOO convenient - you know how some fictional stories manage to have characters that experience EVERYTHING a person at the time could possibly experience?  this is sort of one of those stories.  but it was a real page turner and i very much enjoyed it and kept going to bed early so i could read many pages before i fell asleep at night.  you know i love historical fiction.  i recommend this book!)

the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian, by sherman alexie (my school is doing a young adult book club for teachers this year, and this was our january read.  it's a semi-autobiographical story of a spokane indian teenager who decides to go to the mostly-white high school near the reservation instead of the reservation school.  because it's a young adult book it's a very quick read, and there are little cartoon-y illustrations throughout that are supposed to be done by the main character.  it's sad and uplifting and funny and quirky and irreverent at times and a look into a totally different culture.  i'm so glad the librarian chose it for us to read!)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

a ruby a day

I guess if you're comfortable...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

73 degrees today...I went on a run/walk in Memorial Park, which was, as you might imagine, packed. My favorite moment was passing a man running with a two year old in the stroller in front of him, the kid in a batman shirt, leaning forward with a huge smile on his face as the wind blew through his hair. If only we all could be pushed through the park on such a gorgeous day!