Monday, September 1, 2014

what i'm listening to right now

"leave the night on," by sam hunt:

country music loves a good pun.

a Ruby a day

Ruby has learned how to open a drawer in my bathroom...the drawer where her toys are stored. On Saturday she made quite a ruckus at 6am, and upon investigating I found her standing on the trash can, halfway in the drawer, retrieving a toy and then carrying it from the bathroom into my bedroom. So that was day one: two feather toys removed from the drawer. Yesterday in the wee hours of the morning she removed a third feather toy and a glittery green ball. Today, a ball with feathers attached.

What will tomorrow bring?!? I told Mom about this and she was like "don't put them away! She worked so hard to get them out!" (This is why I love my mom.) So right now the bathroom floor is littered with toys that Ruby selected for some MacGyver-like task...or because she is obsessed with the feather toys.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

a Ruby a day

"Please wake up from your nap. It is my dinner time."

i am playing fantasy football this year.

you can start laughing whenever you want.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

texas musings

things i had never heard of before moving to texas?

farm to market roads - abbreviated FM roads.  these are secondary roads off of larger highways, and i love the name, because it tells you exactly what they were used for.  they are everywhere.

charro beans, which i don't order because i have assumed (and now confirmed) that they are stewed with bacon.  every mexican restaurant in texas that is worthy of its name has them as a side item, and they were served in our school cafeteria today.

ice houses (this article gives some information on how ice houses evolved in texas, and the one they reference is just down the street from me!), which are awesome open-air bars where you shouldn't order wine or a cocktail - it's a BEER place.  my local ice house has picnic tables and a basketball hoop and a ping pong table and a few outdoor TVs; people bring their dogs and their kids and buy tacos from the taco truck across the street.  it's a casual drinking spot for people from all walks of life, and i love it.

i may only have a short window left to remember all these unique texas things before they start to seem normal and i forget how different some aspects of houston are from any other place i've lived.  i now can sing along (and know when to clap!) when "deep in the heart of texas" is played, so i've clearly made some progress since moving here!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

eyebrows, why

i found this article super interesting.  let me say that the best $8 i spend every month is for a digital subscription to the new york times (discounted because i am a teacher yessssss).  they have a relatively new app called NYT Now, which in addition to linking you to lots of great new york times stories, links you to awesome stories that the editors like from OTHER websites.  i have read so many fantastic articles this way - it is like having a smart, awesome friend email you links to stories you should read - and they have a very easy "save" feature so you can peruse headlines with one eye open as you're waking up, but read them at some later date.  everyone should get a subscription.  huge props to the people running the new york times mobile app.

Monday, August 25, 2014

what i'm listening to right now

"last love song," by zz ward:

her voice at the beginning of this song has a very old-timey-music vibe, and i love that.

i do not know all the words, but that does not stop me from singing what i can at top volume when this comes on the radio.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

cautionary cat lady tale

Don't attempt to rescue the kitten who is meowing pitifully at school while you are there opening the doors for an event. In addition to making you abandon your post where you are checking kids in, the kitten will be feral and it will bite you. Then instead of going to yoga, which you are dressed for, you will go to the ER, where the doctor will tell you that there has not been a reported case of rabies in Harris County in 40 years, but you need to get a tetanus shot and the first in a series of four rabies shots anyway.  Since you don't want to die you decide that you are okay with this.  You will also ponder (a) how it is possible that every doctor in the ER is attractive enough to be on Grey's Anatomy (seriously.  it was awesome.) and (b) how much this visit could possibly be costing you.  Then a 22 year old guy will get put in the bed next to you. Because there is zero privacy in the ER, you will find out without trying that he lives 90 miles away and accidentally (?) got shot in the abdomen last week and was life flighted in and had two surgeries and oh, yes, there are the entry and exit wounds being uncovered in front of you, and now he has a fever and they are running more tests and HE HAS NO INSURANCE.  And you will stop worrying about what this is costing you and focus on the fact that modern medicine is preventing you from getting a fatal disease that you most certainly don't have to begin with, and thank goodness you have a good job and health insurance and weren't shot in the abdomen last week.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

my 14-hour search for the end of TGI Friday's endless appetizers

i might have laughed so hard while reading this in bed that ruby had to give me a mean look and hop off the bed to sleep in peace.  i want to be friends with the girl who wrote this.
On my very first day of teaching, in New Hampshire in 2004, I was in the copy room before my first class started and I was apparently looking a little nervous. A veteran teacher, close to retirement, grey-haired and slightly hunch-backed, leaned over to me and said, "I still get nervous on the first day of school, too."  His words were calming. 

Tomorrow I begin my 10th year of teaching. I'm a lot less nervous, but the nerves haven't gone away entirely. I'm also so excited to welcome 18 kiddos into my government classroom! 

I feel incredibly lucky to have had some great teachers and mentors and coworkers and students along the way that have made this job into a career that I love. Hooray for 10 years!